Present Simple – Beginners’ Cheat Sheet

A recent run of lessons with a one-to-one beginner student led us quite naturally to the topic of the Present Simple. While the concept was clear, piecing together the structures in exercises and oral drills caused difficulties and I noticed how a quick glance at the rules I had laid out on the board quite quickly clarified things.

Before cleaning the board, I decided to take a quick photograph of my handy guide that my student was using and, after a little magic on Microsoft Word, created a visual representation of the board for my student to use as a reference point.


Upon printing it out, other teachers noted that it might also be useful for their beginners too. My frustrations with the lack of clarity in visually representing the rules and exceptions for the Present Simple at this level might also apply to other teachers too, so I decided to post the pdf of the chart on here for other teachers to download too.

Feel free to download and print it for your classes. As always, feedback is welcome and I might even create a couple more charts in the future for students and teachers alike!

You can download the pdf HERE!

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