About The Author


My name is Neal, I teach English as a foreign language and run my own teaching, proofreading and editing business. I have lived in eight different countries (the UK, Germany, Portugal (twice), Spain, Russia, Bulgaria, Vietnam, and Italy (twice)) and have been teaching since the start of 2010. I aim to use this website to share experiences both in teaching, but also to share insights into some of the beautiful places I have seen whilst travelling. As this is my personal website, I may also post occasional personal thoughts and opinions, so I suppose this website doesn’t have one particular purpose!

I will endeavour to add more ideas and posts as time goes by. It is always a rewarding experience to share something that others may value from my personal and professional life, and this blog was even shortlisted for a British Council award in November 2017.


My business website can be found here: Neal Hocking Language Services. I love this line of work and am always happy to hear from anyone who wishes to learn a little more about the English language or has a piece of work that needs to be checked or edited (however big or small).

I hope you enjoy my site, and would welcome any feedback or messages at nealhocking@hotmail.co.uk!

Thanks for reading!

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