Walking in (and around)… Romano di Lombardia (2), Lombardy, Italy

Following my introduction to Romano di Lombardia, in which we looked at the centre of the town, I thought I would follow up with another walk nearby.

There are lots of little gems in this particular area of Lombardy and they are often best explored on foot. This route will take in a middle section of the River Serio, head through the Parco Regionale del Serio and end in the town of Mozzanica (and, naturally, involve gelato).

Approximate length: 21km

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Walk 2 – Romano to Mozzanica along the River Serio

We start this walk in the west of the town. The nearest local landmark to the entrance to the park would be the Centro Sportivo, so I have started this walk at that point.

Head to the Centro Sportivo in the west of the town, go down Via San Giuseppe and ahead at the roundabout.

Ahead of the roundabout is a small, winding street that goes past some stables and a small chapel (San Giuseppe). The road is simple enough to follow – simply turn right after the chapel (left will take you into some houses) and after another minute or two take the next left when there is an option to either go straight on or turn. This will lead you westward towards the river.


Walking from Romano to the river. Don’t forget the left turning early on!
Here’s where you turn left.

On a nice day, you should be able to see the Alps to your right all the way along.

Flat land all the way to the mountains. Beautiful landscapes.
Almost at the river. Spot the four-legged walker!

This lane does not lead directly to the river, however, as a large field lies between the lane and the riverside footpath. In order to get to this footpath (pictured below), it is a simple case of turning left and heading down any accessible route through a field on your right.

The riverside footpath, looking north. Watch out for cyclists!

From here, there is one simple instruction: keep walking south (with the mountains to your back). You can follow the river most of the way down, although you will need to stray away slightly in order to walk under the motorway and railway bridges. These come about halfway down, and are clearly marked on the map below.

Romano to Mozzanica – Distances in approximate kilometres.
The River Serio.

Many walks in this area are signposted quite well. The distances to your preferred destination are also marked clearly in kilometres.

Signposts pointing to Mozzanica (3km away) and Rocca di Romano (the castle in Romano) 3.7km back.


On the other side of the bridges, it is also a case of following the river further south. The next point at which you deviate is when you come to a small fishing lake near a main road. Follow the river up or go around the lake – either way, you need to come up to the main road.



Unfortunately, the best way into Mozzanica from here is along the main road, which is not the most inspiring leg of the walk. Follow the road west – sometimes, there is a small van selling refreshments near the bridge! Stick to the side of the road as pavements tend to disappear.

oHead west until you reach the roundabout. Walk straight into Mozzanica down Via Marconi. As you head south and the road becomes Via Provinciale, a waterway will appear to your left and the end of this waterway marks the centre of Mozzanica.

As in Romano, I recommend exploring the small centre, get lost a little and get gelato! I ate gelato from Il Borgo, which was, of course, delightful.

Gelato from Il Borgo.

Getting Back

While there is some form of transport back to Romano, I walked back with a slight variation. After the motorway and railway bridges, I turned right and headed to Fara Olivana, heading north just before Covo to Romano afterwards. I will write more about these in a later entry, but taking this direction serves to add a little variety and length to the walk back to Romano.

Fara Olivana


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